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Most people are a little hesitant at first about the idea of birth photography. They imagine it being, well, messy to put it mildly :). But let me assure you it is truly amazing. Just like your wedding day, the birth of your child is once in a lifetime event. Having your birth photographed gives you the opportunity to experience all the aspects of your birth that you either weren’t a part of, or just don’t remember. The look on dad’s face the moment your precious baby came into the world, the first bath, the footprints, the look on YOUR face the moment they place your new love on your chest. All of those little moments that get lost in the shuffle. It also gives your support people the opportunity to just be there for you and experience this miracle with you, without having to worry about taking pictures. It’s truly a blessing for me to be able to offer this service to my clients. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message!

Birth Sessions | $850

For the full birth sessions I will be on-call 24/7 starting the 37th week of your pregnancy until your baby is born. Midnight? 2am? No worries, I will be there! I will have you let me know as soon as you show signs of labor so I can get ready and I will head to the hospital when your doctor confirms active labor. My gear will be packed and my phone will be on me at all times. I will document your entire labor and birth and up to 2 hours after your baby arrives

Planned Cesarean | $500

If you are scheduled to have a cesarean I will meet you at the hospital 1 hour before and stay up to 2 hours after mommy has recovered, making sure to document all the little moments and memories from your birth. And of course, if baby decides to arrive before his or her “scheduled” time I will be there! 🙂

Fresh-48 Session | $300

Maybe birth photography isn’t for you, but you still want those special moments documented. The Fresh-48 sessions are a perfect solution! These occur within 48 hours of baby’s arrival (usually the next day). I will come to you and capture all the little details and bonding moments between you and your new little one. These sessions are also a perfect way to capture siblings and grandparents meeting their new family member.




$200 non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking to hold your spot.

The remaining balance is due by the 36th week of your pregnancy.


All Birth Photography sessions include:

  • In person consultation during your 3rd trimester to customize your session
  • Custom editing of all of your images
  • Hi-Res images on a USB with full printing rights
  • Custom slideshow of your birth set to music

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  1. There are certain thing’s I don’t want you to photograph, is that ok?

    Absolutely! We will discuss anything you do or do not want me to photograph during your in-person consultation. You have complete control over this session and I will always honor your choices!

  2. What if I am having a cesarean?

    Whether your c-section is planned or an emergency I can still document all of the special moments surrounding the birth of your baby. While I probably won’t be allowed in the OR with you, I will happily pass my camera off to your support person (set to auto) so they can take photos during the surgery. I will also edit these pictures and include them with your birth story.

  3. How many pictures will you take?

    This will vary from birth to birth, but on average you will receive 100-150 fully edited images.

  4. Do you need special permission to photograph in the hospital?

    Sometimes yes. It will be your responsibility to talk with your doctor and make sure the hospital allows birth photography.

  5. Do you travel?

    I will travel up to 40 miles from Vancouver, WA. Because births can be so unpredictable I’m really not comfortable committing to traveling any further than that.

  6. How long will it take to get my pictures?

    I will get you 5 pictures within 24hrs of your session to use for birth announcements, emailing to friends and family, and uploading to Facebook. It’s usually with a few hours of me leaving, but sometimes I’m very tired 🙂 The rest of your images will be sent to you on a usb 2-3 weeks after your session. If you are doing a newborn session with me as well I will try my best to have them done for you by the time you come see me!

  7. When should I book?

    I take a VERY limited number of births because I am on call for up to 4 weeks surrounding your due date. So I recommend booking asap.

  8. What if you miss the birth?

    Birth can be unpredictable and while I will do my absolute best to be there, sometimes things go faster than expected. I will get there as soon as possible and still take plenty of pictures to document your story. If I miss everything (due to illness or other extenuating circumstances) all monies paid will transfer to a newborn session.

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